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The Mango Tree

Travelling and experiencing the world firsthand can transcend to the soul certain knowledge of his own impermanence, allowing him to appreciate the simplest things with gratitude and grace of spirit. Author Robert Hagen has witnessed the extreme extents of living. People fascinated him the most and the ways by which values have played roles in human life. He has seen enough fear, skepticism, and intolerance, but the friendliness he has met beat them all. In this inspiring book, Hagen tells.....

Bleached by the Sun

Robert Hagen has travelled to Asia and South America. The many people he had met in one way or another during many years of travelling inspired Hagen to write, Bleached by the Sun.

The book is about “what we think we see but what is really happening, can sometimes be a little different.” As written in the book, “you always want me to tell you the truth, right? Well, her you got it.”